Angular VS React: Which Framework to Choose for Your Project


Angular VS React: which framework to choose for your project

Which framework to choose for your project? That might be a tough question, but we will help you compare Angular and React so you can decide which one is more suitable for your needs. We won’t tell you which one is better in general but will tell which works better specifically for a project requirements. There are several points that have to be acknowledged when choosing a framework and here we will share the main ones with you.

The first and main difference is that Angular is a full framework and React is a view a library, which makes it more flexible but limited at the same time. Let’s see how popular these frameworks are among developers. This is Stack Overflow survey of 2018. As you can see from this table nearly 38% of professional developers choose Angular and 28% – React.

So which one should you choose for your project?

If you need lots of assistance along studying and love a good structure – Angular is definitely for you. It will also suit you if you enjoy object-oriented programming. Considering technical moments – if your apps tend to get massive or you work with designers and need clean HTML files – Angular is your choice.

On the other hand, if you appreciate flexibility and enjoy working in a small team – React might suit you more. It also has big ecosystems, a large number of different packages and if you love Javascript – React might be more comfortable for you.

That was a general view but now let’s take a more detailed look and actually compare them by various parameters and components that differ.


To reduce the amount of lines in code and make the quality of a product higher it’s convenient to divide project’s data into simple components like model, view, controller. And while Angular has an MVC architecture React is based on just view (V of MVC).

Typescript Vs JSX

While creating a JavaScript product you might need using templating. And for that purposes React uses JSX files and Angular – TypeScript. This means using static types, which are good for automatic refactoring and jumping to definitions.  You can easily benefit from using JSX as it combines code completion and compile-time checks at the same time.

Data Binding

Data binding creates the connection between the business logic of the application and UI.

Angular carries out two-way data binding and React – one-way data binding. Which means that in Angular the Controller connects DOM to Model data. Therefore a watcher is created for each binding and it measures the changes in DOM. And of course this process affects the performance of a framework.

While in React the data is directed only one way. Which helps debugging process in large projects.


React works a bit quicker as it doesn’t have a problem with two-way data binding and it also has a virtual DOM where it is possible to create a DOM tree on server and therefore make it lighter on the browser.


There is no doubt that React is quicker than an Angular. Angular uses Typescript and is quite heavy and in React you can easily add the JS library to the source code.

Learning curve

Angular is far more difficult to learn that React it is far more big and complex, it consists of many elements and components that you should learn. And even if you are really good with Javascript you still would need to adjust to this framework and learn the ropes. It doesn’t often let you be flexible as you have to grasp on a list of rules and concepts to make the technology actually work.

Although React may seem easier to learn it can take longer, as you have to get acquainted with a list of different essential details. And also in React you are more flexible with your decisions and can can choose which third party library you would like to use. Also debugging process undergoes easier in React and in Angular you might go though the source code to find out, that there was a minor problem that caused a major failure.


It is believed that React is more testable and scalable, but Angular because of its strong CLI and well thought design can easily be scaled too.

Native rendering

All the libraries can do that but some are better, some are worse.
React can do that with react native, react sketch and next.js and Angular although having ionic 2 and nativescript still can not get to the level of performance that react native shows.


React is more user-friendly towards developers as it is easier to understand and therefore create a project using this library. And with Angular you have to learn longer, think of more elements that go to the process and be more cautious and on alert while working.

This comparison can give you some understanding on how Angular and React differ but you might still be in doubt which one to use for your project, so here are some examples of companies that already made their choice and some reasons why you should choose one over another one.

Why Angular?

Some major companies use Angular in their work and their definitely trustworthy in terms of their choice of technology. For example: Google, YouTube, Nike, PayPal, Telegram, Udemy, Upwork, Istockphoto and others.

Why is Angular popular among these companies?

It is a product of Google and it would be hard not to trust the quality of Google products. Also its’ code looks simple and it’s quite customizable and interactive. Moreover it is loved because of its’ architecture and although it might seem complex at first it delivers pretty good quality.

With each new version (that comes out every half-a-year) Angular becomes less complex and more convenient for developers. New features are being added each time and too complex and redundant functions are being deleted.

The only drawbacks of Angular are its complexity that makes sites powered by it load slower and the fact that it is not as SEO friendly as other frameworks.

Why choose React?

Angular is chosen by many major companies, but some still choose React and they are also big on the market. For example: Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Codeacademy, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Microsoft, Airbnb, New York Times.

Why is React popular among these companies?

Being developed by Facebook and Instagram team it is strongly supported among other companies. React is far more SEO friendly than Angular is, therefore it is better for your marketing. This library is less complex and gives you flexibility in terms of creating your project on React.

Architecture of Angular and React differentiate massively, as one is a framework and the other just a library, but you might as well find it more suitable for your purposes. The other drawback is that you might need to manually add code to be able to update all the elements of a library.  


Although Angular and React can both help you create a front-end application, their functionality completely differs. Although it is up to debate which one is better, we can say that each one is good in its own way. So you should only choose by realizing what are the needs of your project and which framework will it benefit from.