About AVA.codes


Hi! We are AVA Codes a team of experienced and inspired web-developers and designers, who provide the best web solutions for our clients, always learning and implementing new technology to our work.

We love web development, enjoy our work and admire our team that is constantly growing. Our company has been on the market for nearly 1,5 years now and we are happy to share our story with you.

Brief history

It all happened at the start of April 2017. Two students from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute decided to create the company because they realized that there is something that has to be changed. The industry was in need of new young people that really care about quality of services and can not only create new ideas, but could actually materialize those ideas in the best way using extensive list of technologies, tools and solutions.

They needed to create something more than a typical company so people could work hard, feel creative and have time for a rest at the same time. And so they opened their own company. At first it was just 2 of them, but as number of clients was growing, a team was evolving too and now it consists of 16 members.

In September 2017 a company got 20 clients, in December became a Top Rated agency on Upwork and in May 2018 got an award for being a Leading Clutch agency 2018.

We have asked our CEO on how he decided to start his own company, what risks should each entrepreneur foresee and how to grow your business when you are still at university and that’s what he had to share:

At first I didn’t have a plan to start a company. I have never thought that doing something that I love can grow into my business. I am happy that I am surrounded by adventurous people who had supported my ideas and now we are working together as a team.

When we started a company I was still studying at university and it was hard, I nearly dropped out but tried my best to get a degree and keep my parents proud. I studied hard, passed all the exams and it worked out nice.

Since the beginning we also had a problem with getting projects that we would want to take. So our portfolio was not actually representing what we wanted to create. But with time we started to choose and now we love each project that we are working on.

If I started a company now there are several moments that I would do differently, but in general we are moving at a nice pace and I am hoping there are many good changes to come.

And here is a cute video featuring our team 🙂 


Our team is good at web development and we specifically specialize in front-end. If you are in need of a remote team of developers, an MVP launch or fixing a bug on your application no doubt we can help you with that. We will communicate with you, learn what you need, understand the core values of your product and create the most effective web solution for your business.ey needed to create something more than a typical company so people could work hard, feel creative and have time for a rest at the same time. And so they opened their own company.

In our work we use all the up-to-date technology to provide the best quality for our clients. We mainly focus on front-end solutions for Web and Mobile, but if you need any help with backend – we can assist with that too.

Web. We write HTML and CSS using BEM methodology. For the front-end part we use frameworks like Angular and Vue.js and libraries like React. To verify the correctness of our code we always perform unit and end-to-end testing.

Mobile. For developing native and progressive web apps we use javascript based frameworks (like Ionic or React Native).

Backend. To provide you with the most reliable backend solutions we use Node.js (JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine) and PHP for small projects.                                                                                                          

Sometimes you don’t need to create Backend bases on Node.js or PHP for you MVP because you don’t have enough time so that’s when we use Firebase to run your MVP faster. As main query language for your API we are using GraphQL which provides an alternative to REST and ad-hoc web service architectures.

You can check out our portfolio and Clutch reviews at any time.  And if you have any questions or need help with your project – we are always here to hear you out. Just message us and we will get cak to you as soon as possible.