Good programmer vs Average programmer: which one are you?


 The good, the bad, the skilled one?

What are the top skills needed for a professional developer? And how do you differentiate a good programmer from a not so skilled one? At first sight the line between them may seem thin, but here are the points that would let you make the right choice. However keep in mind that a good programmer rarely can have all of those skills listed below, so if he obtain at least a few – you found a perfect match.

First of all you might want to pay attention to their communication skills. Why communication skills are important for a developer you might ask. However there is a tight connection between development and being a good communicator. As it means being apprehensive, ready to grasp needed information quickly, ask the right questions and work in coherent manner, with clear understanding of problems and tasks. Not only are they  capable of working on their tasks but they also propose ideas and solutions to make their work even more effective. Moreover, they are good team players and know how to interact with a team in ways that would make a team even stronger.

The second important quality to look for in a developer is their ability to learn and adjust. With a shift in the way we learn, when it is possible to learn nearly anything we are interested in from the comfort of our own home it is important for a developer to be capable of finding solutions online. If he doesn’t know something, he would Google it at first, find the needed resources to solve the issue and wouldn’t give up on new challenges.  

The third one is their time management skills. The ability to organize yout working space, decide on proper workload and meet deadlines is a key to an effective developer. If they can estimate their time properly, show up on meetings and know how much time each task would take, they can deliver great result and that is what makes them remarkable.

Then it would be useful to consider developer’s expertise in technologies. The programmers that your company would benefit from are the ones who know all the ropes and are ready to start working on a project right away. They will code clearly, so that others can understand everything in their code when it might be needed.

Next important point is the focus on the final result and end user. When the programmer has an end user in kind they make more creative, well thought and effective desicions because they start solving user problems before the product is even out.

And how about positivity? Is it really essential for a developer? It might be. Moreover, not just positivity but also determination. When a developer cares about a product and puts his heart in it and can motivate the team with his attitude – that’s a perfect match for your company.

If you want to become a good developer it all depends on how hard you try and what kind of motivation you have that will drive you to proceed. In a nutshell, it is important to show interest in programming, be capable of solving problems, learn a lot, be hard working and proceed through difficulties.

A perfect dream company

So how about a company? What values does a company need to have in order to get good developers to their team?

To cut the long story short – it has to make their workers happy by giving them a feeling of self worth and evaluation.

The first value that might help with getting there is an open communication. When an employee knows what is going on in a company, what are his/her tasks, what is expected of him/her – they find it easier to adjust and be more creative and effective while doing their job.

The second one valued by employees is an opportunity to learn and grow. So when a company offers training, books and courses for their team, organizes lectures that are useful and help them learn new things that they can apply to their job and grow as professionals it makes them feel valued.

Recognition is the next important thing, when a hard work is noticed and valued it shows employees that their input is appreciated and it motivates them to keep working hard and bring value to the company and their customers.

A strong team is also important. When they come to work and feel like they can talk to their colleagues, that these people and more of friends than competitors it gives them a feeling of relax and helps being calm and concentrated while working.

And the last one is work-life balance. When people in your team know that they can work not 12 hours a day, but 6-8 and still manage their own life it creates a sense of loyalty. Employees with a possibility of nice work-life balance are happier and healthier in general, so a company would definitely benefit from people like them.

So now you know what differentiates a good programmer from an average one and how to find a company that would be perfect for a good programmer. Learn something new today, work hard and your work for sure will be appreciated.