How To Fluently Simplifai


How To Fluently Simplifai

We are happy to share the results of our work with you. And the first case we would like to show you is an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot with fluent design we created for a Norwegian technology and consulting company Simplifai.

In 2017 Microsoft developed a new design language Fluent Design System. This design language was developed to create adaptive, empathetic and beautiful user interfaces (by focusing on Light, Depth, Motion, Material and Scale as key components).

Why Fluent Design?

Firstly, it is adaptive. In 2018 it is important that user experience is comfortable and natural on any device – laptop, tablet, PC or even Xbox. With Fluent you can optimize your app to any device or any screen size.

Secondly, it is intuitive and inclusive so it is easy to make a product as simple and accessible as it can be to any person around the globe.

And finally it manages to incorporate the physical world to the web so elegantly that interaction feels natural and immersive at the same time. This experience is created by means of light, shadow, motion, depth and texture and they naturally encourage users to engage more.

That’s why we chose to work with Fluent – it felt like the most powerful way to create the best solution for our client.

Why Simplifai?

Simplifai is an Oslo based technology and consulting company that makes work processes more efficient using up-to-date technology like chatbots or digital employees. They offer technology-independent consulting services and have an impressive portfolio on their site.

And we are the – a company to provide the best front-end solutions for our clients, always learning and implementing new technology to our work.

Working with Artificial Intelligence and newly created design language was an intriguing and stimulating challenge for our team. So we gladly started working on this project and are about to share the results with you.

Simplifai Chatbot: How To

What we did?

Simplifai’s vision is to make working life easier through the use of artificial intelligence. So we created a simple and innovative Customer chatbot for the company and their needs.

How we did it?

Developed an Artificial intelligence Chatbot with fluent design using skills and technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript.

What were the results?

We have challenged ourselves to create a best product possible and developed a front-end solution that is innovative, effective and adaptive due to new technologies we had used and communication we had with our client.

It was not just an artificial intelligence chatbot with fluent design fully responsive to all devices, it had been a work of inspired and technologically advanced team and happy clients, whose working process is now more effective than ever.

You can find out more on Simplifai and watch our short presentation video on YouTube 🙂

We are always happy to communicate and connect, so if you have any ideas you would like to share — just message us 🙂