Will Artificial Intelligence Rule the World?


Technologies are developing rapidly each year. It becomes more convenient to interact with them in our day-to-day lives. Artificial Intelligence is the one to “blame” for those rapid changes as it drives the new shift in technology. In nearly every aspect of our life, at home, at work, everywhere we would go, there is a technology driven by AI. That is why it is important to realize how the future with AI would feel like and get prepared for what awaits us.

Artificial Intelligence is aimed to simplify our routine and revolutionize the fields where we spend too much time and cover processes that can be automated. There are many areas of our life that would change because of possibilities that AI can give us. It can be useful in helping us to manage our lives, give us more free time, protect our data online and in general make the quality of our lives better. How? Let’s find out together.

Research conducted by McKinsey had shown which industries get the most from AI.


Top 10 industries which use AI technologies are the following:

  • High Tech and Communications;
  • Financial services;
  • Automotive and assembly;
  • Transportation and logistics;
  • Energy and Resources;
  • Media and Entertainment;
  • Retail;
  • Healthcare;
  • Consumer packaged goods;
  • Education

And how do these industries use AI to automate their processes?

#1 Machine Learning

The main aim of Machine Learning is to create and advance the technologies which would help computers to learn. Algorithms, big data, and development help them to learn how to predict and classify, however by using more advanced technologies to teach the computers it is possible to get them to learn faster and get better results out of them.

#2 Data Protection

In 2018 it’s hard to underestimate the importance of data protection and cybersecurity. Starting from random hacking attacks and viruses and leading to data leak that helped target people on Facebook before the US election. With digitalization, our data is more open to the world than it has ever been. Neural networks in integration with Machine Learning are used to create deep learning paths that would help expose dangerous and atypical behavior online and prevent cyber attacks. The more such systems work – the better they function. So no surprise if in a few years every company and household would use such protection.

#3 Speech Recognition and Natural Language Generation

These technologies are evolving exceptionally fast. There are several chatbots which can understand your request and help your order online in just a few minutes or technologies like Siri and Alexa that can get pizza for you or wake you up in the morning. Voice-responsive systems are becoming a natural part of our daily routine. Moreover, all kinds of chatbots are actively used in nearly every industry nowadays they usually serve as virtual assistants to help customers and save the company’s time.

Also Natural Language Generation is a mechanism that helps transfer data to text which helps machines communicate and operate better.

#4 Biometrics and Emotions recognition

AI technologies learn to detect and analyze human emotions, behavior and physical characteristics. Identifying the body’s structure and shape along with “reading” micro-expressions and body language machines learn to better communicate with humans and give more accurate responses to their requests.

#5 Image Recognition

Image recognition is a process of detecting an object on a photo or a video. AI can proceed multiple datasets simultaneously to find the relevant result, which makes it more simple.

Moreover, image recognition can be very effective in the healthcare industry. This feature helps to detect diseases, distinguish clients by their face and analyze their well being.

#6 Process Automation

When there are some tasks which are expensive and inefficient, it may be cheaper and more effective to pass them on AI. AI can automate different processes by using scripts and imitating the methods used to tackle a specific task. It can be useful when hiring talents for a position to optimize the time and expenses spent on this process.

#7 Learning platforms

Deep learning platforms are unique in a way that they use the artificial neural network which imitates the human brain structure and helps to create patterns and boost decision making. For now, its main aim is to find patterns and classify applications, but the possibilities are endless.

#8 Decision Making

To make the business more profitable it may be efficient to use AI when it comes to decision making. Computers can add logic and structure to any system with help of AI.

For instance, it can be used for training, maintenance or tuning. AI has already been tested in a field of business decision making and didn’t fail, so it might be a progressive and innovative step towards reaching your business goals.

#9 Marketing Automation

Marketing is the industry that massively benefits from AI.

AI is a huge step to making social media management nearly effortless. With marketing automation, it is less troublesome to increase social media engagement, raise brand awareness and grow the business revenue. The customer data is more transparent than it has ever been. No surprise it is easier to learn about customer interests, age, recent purchases, and trips and therefore give them exactly what they need.

#10 Content creation

AI also helps to automate the processes which five years ago required manual work. There are many articles, videos, blog posts, and visual materials to be inspired from. Moreover, there are companies that make a life of content creator easier by providing automated templates that users can personalize according to their needs. Eventually, machines will learn to write texts and create pictures with excellence that humans would only dream to achieve.

So will it?

However, it is not as fatal and terrifying, as it might seem. Although some people may lose their jobs due to automation or machines will take over our homes, it will happen eventually, and humans will be able to rule the processes that AI will conduct.

As Artificial Intelligence is evolving, it is exciting to observe how it changes and imagine how it can only make our lives more convenient. So with hope for the better future off we go and watch this shift happening in our life.